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2016.11.01 | Announcement

JAPAN HARVEST 2016 is to be held on November 5 (Sat) and 6 (Sun) in Marunouchi, Tokyo!!

As part of the Festival of Food and Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery, which concepts are to deepen the relationships between consumers and providers and between Japan and the world, JAPAN HARVEST 2016 will be held on November 5 (Sat) and 6 (Sun) from 11am to 4pm on Marunouchi-naka Street and Gyoko Street in Tokyo! In its fifth year, this year’s festival has so many fun events, with which families can learn about Japanese agriculture and products of agriculture, forestry and fishery and the food culture along with a theme of “Learn it! Feel it! Relish it! @ Marunouchi Farm”.

There are four areas in Marunouchi Farm, at which visitors can enjoy various things such as harvesting vegetables, ride-on experience with tractors (a collaboration with the Agricultural Girl Project, interactions with animals, tasting of broths that is a typical feature of Japanese cuisines, cooking of original miso soups, as well as testing and purchasing of carefully selected local products and menus from producers, businesses and groups from all over Japan that include products that have awarded with the “Food Action Nippon Awards 2016.”
Moreover, the “Treasure Hunting Quiz Rally” will offer great prizes to participants, who find answers in the venue.
Looking forward to having you all at the Festival!!

Please find the information of this event via the URL below.

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